Global Knowledge Exchange Network, GKEN, is a non-profit organisation which was established in 2010. The organisation’s main aim is to create a scientific platform for Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia – academics, researchers and practitioners – in order to implement GKEN’s noble goal of improving the quality of higher education in Ethiopia and across Africa by facilitating the exchanging of knowledge and sharing of experiences amongst the scientific community.

Bearing in mind the massive potential of African scientific knowledge scattered across the globe on the one hand and the challenges to unlock it on the other, GKEN has been working hard to connect the human capital of Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia in order to help improve the quality of education in Ethiopia and in the wider continent. To this end, GKEN has been organising and hosting yearly international conferences since 2011. GKEN has also been actively involved in championing the noble cause of knowledge exchange and experience sharing by supervising and mentoring PhD and Masters level candidates and delivering block teaching in several academic institutions across Ethiopia.


Prof Brain Cox, Patron 

Prof Farida Fortune, Chair of Board of Directors

Prof Amare Desta, Chair And EDMA Director

Prof David Humber, Co-Chair

Mr Tamerat Bekele, Secretory

Mr Mike Hailu Gebreyohanes, Head of Media, Communications and Public Relations

Dr Hailu Hagos, Training & Mentoring Coordinator

Miss Nardos Wakjira, Conference Administrator

Ms Featiya Said, Coordinator and Event Organiser

Miss Kisanet Hail, Youth Project Coordinator

Miss Bethlehem Belay, Event Manager

GKEN’s Research Active Colleagues

1 Prof Amare Desta (UK) 13 Dr Kristina Wanyoni (Kenya / UK)
2 Mr Andy Carter (UK) 14 Prof Mammo Muchie (South Africa)
3 Dr Annet Mulema (Uganda) 15 Mr Mentesnot Mengesha (UK)
4 Prof Chris Luca (UK) 16 Mr Mike Hailu Gebreyohanes (UK)
5 Dr Dereje Tessema (USA) 17 Dr Naima Ali (Germany)
6 Prof Edwards Alademerin (Nigeria/Swaziland) 18 Prof Njoki Nathani Wane (Canada)
7 Dr Elfneh Bariso (UK) 19 Dr Odunaike Kaolat Oluwafemi (Nigeria)
8 Prof Farida Fortune (UK) 20 Prof. Perez Dlamini (Swazland)
9 Prof Folasade Rasidat Sulaiman (Nigeria) 21 Dr Sebhat Woldemichael (France)
10 Dr Hailu Hagos (UK) 22 Prof Tessema Astatkie (Canada)
11 Dr Hailemichael Teshome (UK) 23 Dr Zenebe Beyene (USA)
12 Prof Joseph Beyene (Canada)