The 9th GKEN Conference and Workshop is set to be hosted from 15th to 25th of April in Hilton Hotel, Addis Ababa, as well as in Jimma University, under the grand title of “Giving Value to Education & Research for Nation Building”. The event is attracting participants from a wide range of fields and thus far more than 40 academics, researchers and practitioners from a number of different countries across the globe will be travelling to Ethiopia. Simultaneously, GKEN is co-hosting the 10th Jimma University Annual Research Conference which will take place from 16th to 25th April at Jimma University.

GKEN has been organising annual interdisciplinary conferences and workshops since 2010: five in London and two in Ethiopia. The 2015 conference, one of the most memorable, was hosted at the UN Economic Commission for Africa in Addis Ababa, where over 500 leading academics, researchers and practitioners participated from all over the world. Out of these conferences, GKEN has published two peer-reviewed books. A flagship programme, Ethiopian Doctoral and Masters Academy (EDMA), was kickstarted in 2014 to address challenges faced by universities across Ethiopia.