Following the various Interdisciplinary Conferences & Workshops GKEN co-hosted in UK & in Ethiopia, we now plan to jointly co-host our 9th GKEN event with JU’s 10th Annual Research Conference in Jimma, Ethiopia. The event will jointly be hosted between the 16th and the 26th of April 2019 under the grand title of “Giving Value to Education & Research for Nation Building”

We live in an uncertain society of constant changes brought about by reality. We are constantly facing new challenges: the consequences of globalization, the changed socio-economic conditions, the rise of the knowledge economy, the power of digital technology, demographic changes, population growth, needs for continuous education, and ultimately with the post-factualisation of society.

We, therefore, feel it is time to give voice to values of education & research in order to turn innovative ideas into reality. The primary aim of this year’s event will be to further consolidate and solidify the work of knowledge exchange and experience sharing activities GKEN have been jointly pursuing with Jimma University for the last 8 years. We, therefore, would like to create a platform that promotes discussions on the latest research, scientific & practical results that can be directly applied to all disciplines for societal needs.

The central issue that we want to address is how to practically apply innovative ideas in education, health, technology, and other multidisciplinary areas into practice by giving value to education & research. Specifically: How the role of Education & Research in the national, continental and international economic environment reflected? How does giving voice to values of education and research redress the economy & society? How do Education & Research, which is the subject of the conference, contribute to further growth and development of knowledge, the economy, business, and society & how such an approach can help build a strong nation?

We want to encourage dialogue between academics, researchers, practitioners and decision-makers and business people about the most pressing socio-economic issues and look at how to find solutions for them. We also want to promote and deepen the further cooperation and networking of researchers from the global North & South, from different research fields and at different levels of scientific and research careers. We want to not-only-encourage meetings face-to-face, but also in the world of online collaboration and online study.

This joint event by GKEN & JU will mainly focus around the following FIVE discipline clusters (Arts & Humanities; Business & Economics; Education; Health & Social Care; STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). While the conference & Workshop are designed to address a wide range of issues turns innovative ideas into reality, many presentations will focus on one or more of the following themes:

•  International business and economy;
•  Internationalization & professional networks; (all disciplines)
•  Management in social services and education;
•  Early Childhood, Counselling Psychology and Gender Issues in Education and Health
•  Issues of innovations in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
•  Online education and research collaboration;
•  Social media, public relations, and lobbying;
•  Creative Arts, Media Technology and Education;
•  Practical strategies in reaching out to learner’s voices;
•  Competence and community building;
•  Vocational and empowerment issues through education and training and;
•  ICT and the concept of global learning. (all disciplines)
•  Any other relevant and related area.

We also believe that it is important to create a space for professionally enriching work environments for Learners & Teachers in/with Africa. We also feel that it is now a prime time to scale up GKEN’s work by involving other Universities across Africa via the ADMAS initiative (i.e. African Doctoral & Masters Academic Society), knowledge exchange & experience sharing model which could be a bridge not only for North-South collaboration but also for South-South collaborative partnerships and equally importantly to meaningfully connect African Diasporas and also friends of Africa with Africa.

We, therefore, would like to make this joint an ideal opportunity to meet like-minded peers and to build networks and to also further expand the participant’s knowledge in their area of interest. We are also proposing to provide an opportunity for doctoral students to explore and develop their research interests in an interdisciplinary workshop under the guidance of a panel of distinguished researchers & practitioners.

In addition to finding ways how best to promote the development of a supportive community of scholars between Africans and friends of Africa, by the end of this joint event, we are also hoping to ‘add value’ to the vocational training in both natural & social sciences in supporting educators within universities and student placement settings with the clear aim of contributing to local, national and international efforts to improve the quality of teaching & learning that will lead to genuinely sustainable livelihoods in Africa.

Call for Papers:
We now therefore cordially invite research paper submissions to the 9th GKEN International Multidisciplinary Conference and Workshop. This edition of the conference & the workshop will aim to create a stronger emphasis on all Africans and friends of Africa educators to create and cultivate sustainable learning environments that reflect the pluralistic nature of education, a business which realizes the academic and research discourse more relevant for practice. The organizers, therefore, hope to widen the base of relevant case studies, and at the same time, strengthen the reflection regarding these practice-based cases.

GKEN also extends the invitation to Ph.D. and other research candidates as this first Ph.D. consortium will create an opportunity for doctoral students to explore and develop their research interests in an interdisciplinary the workshop, under the guidance of a panel of distinguished researchers. We invite students who feel they would benefit from this kind of feedback on their dissertation work to apply for this unique opportunity to share their work with students in a similar situation as well as senior researchers in the field.

The strongest candidates will be those who have a clear topic and research approach and have made some progress, but who are not so far along that they can no longer make changes. In addition to stating how they will benefit from participation, both the candidates and their advisor should be clear on what they can contribute to the Doctoral Consortium.

All the accepted papers will appear in the conference proceedings and further revised versions of selected papers will be published in special issues of peer-reviewed journals. There is also a good opportunity for your paper to be part of GKEN edited book series. We also plan to publish ALL papers within 6 months after the conference.

TYPES OF PAPERS FOR SUBMISSIONS: (Submission can be in any of the following four categories):
· An abstract only paper between 100 & 300 words but not more than one page; or
· A competitive full paper to be no longer than 10 pages (including references); or
· A literature review paper to be no longer than 15 pages but needs to provide theoretical insights based on reviews of relevant literature.

Email all manuscripts to GKEN Conference / Workshop Organisers using the following email addresses: